Hamburger bun with sesame seed

After bake frozen 60g (5pcs/pkt)

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Brand: Levain

Last update: Nov 01, 2020

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Natural, No Preservatives, No Artificial Coloring or Flavouring

Product Shelf Life:

18-24 months

36 months (based on special request)

Ready to Bake (RTB)

After bake Frozen (ABF)

Frozen Dough (FD)

Levain Group dedicated team led by Master Chef Eric Wong strives to provide customers with excellent products and services making them the preferred Business partner in F&B Industry

Master Chef Eric Wong actively involve in Baking Industry for more than 20 years with vast experience in providing bakery business with consultancy seriices ranging from Business concepts, product development concept, setting up operation system and supplying baking facilities to technical training and support. 

Raw Materials Philosophy, use only Natural and Organic ingredients without any chemical additives such as preservatives, flavouring and coloring to ensure products of high quality with healthy and authentic taste. 

Levain means naturally fermented in French, sourdough is our key product and giving products to develop its unique taste naturally. At the same time we ensure the quality of our products by modern technology approach. We offer wide selection of high quality and innovative products, from bread and croissants to pastries and desserts.

Our factory houses a full range of production equipment from automated laminating lines and dough sheeters, computerized ovens to metal detectors, deep freezing, production plant of 18,000 sqft with HACCP and HALAL compliance with various other packaging equipments. 


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