SARAYA Smart San Sanitizer A S-4 Food Grade Safe Alcohol

SARAYA Smart San Sanitizer A S-4 Sanitiser Food Grade Safe Alcohol Surface Cleaning Home Kitchen Goodmaid

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Last update: Jul 03, 2020

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 SARAYA SMART SAN SANITIZER A S-4 (Alcohol Based Sanitiser/ Liquid/ Watery) *Uses food grade ethanol as its active ingredients. - Ready To Use Formulation. *Apply on dry hands after washing your hands with soap; *Apply S-4 sanitizer on clean and dry utensils surface FUNCTIONS & FEATURES : - Convenient ready to use formulation. - Quick drying, no need to wipe off after applying. - Food addictive-grade alcohol sanitizer. - Suitable to use for food contact surface. - Highly effective against norovirus, various bacteria and fungi. - Fragrance-free (suitable for food processing area) pH value : 3.5 ~ 4.5 Appearance : Clear colorless liquid


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