Goodmaid Pro 190A HL Antibac Handwash Liquid 5 Litres

GOODMAID PRO 190A HL Antibac Handwash Liquid Hand Wash 5L 5 Litres Antibacterial soap Saraya

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Brand: Goodmaid

Last update: Jul 03, 2020

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 GOODMAID PRO 190A HL Antibac Handwash Liquid 5 Litres HL ANTIBAC is a concentrated, lab certified and lotionised handsoap, possessing excellent cleaning properties in the product that is gentle to hands and protect the hand from germs. Thus, leaves the hand clean, soft and hygienic. HOW TO USE : Dispensable from hand soap dispenser. Wet hands, apply liberally and rub hands together. Leave the soap in contact with the cleaning areas for 15-20 seconds to optimize cleaning effectiveness, before rinsing off with clean water. FUNCTION & FEATURE : - As a liquid hand soap suitable for food handling area like kitchen, food preparation and service areas. - Contains anti-bacterial properties to against harmful germs and bacteria for maintaining personal cleanliness and ensuring good hygiene in food handling areas.


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