Goodmaid GMP 111 Dishwash Gel 5 Litres

GOODMAID PRO GMP 111 Dishwash gel 5L dish wash detergent dishwash liquid 5 litres

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Brand: Goodmaid

Last update: Jul 03, 2020

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GOODMAID PRO GMP 111 DISHWASH LIQUID 5 LITRES *Great Value, super saver for Household use - Suitable for F&B restaurants as well *111 DISHWASH is a lemon scented concentrated liquid cleaner that blended from Biodegradable surfactants with sequestering agents for effective removal of greasy soils as well as gentleness for bare hand cleaning. Suitable for use on mild to heavy soils. HOW TO USE : Squeeze small amount into container. Mix with water accordingly. Wash dishes/surfaces with sponge or cloth and rinse. DILUTION : -Light (10 ml per 1 Litres water) *FOR schedule table top, surface wiping & mopping. -Medium (30 ml per 1 Litres water) *FOR manual washing. FUNCTION : - Suitable for cleaning dishes, cooking utensils and as a general purpose cleaner.



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