Goodmaid GMP 102 Mop Shine 5 Litres

GOODMAID GMP 102 Mop Shine 5L 5 Litres Floor Cleaner Shine Cleaning Chemical Drum

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Brand: Goodmaid

Last update: Jul 03, 2020

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 GOODMAID GMP 102 MOP SHINE 5 LITRES (Floor Cleaner with Shine) *102 MOP SHINE is specially formulated as floor cleaning agent. - For cleaning all kind of hard surfaces such as terrazzo, mosaic, PVC and vinyl floor. - Floor cleaning agent with a 'Waxing for Extra Shine' component that provide smooth and durable shine surfaces. - Free rinsing. HOW TO USE : Mop floor with this solution until clean. No rinsing is required. DILUTION (Soil Level): - Light (10 ml per 1 Litres water) *FOR daily scheduled floor mopping. - Medium (40 ml per 1 Litres water) *FOR cleaning and kitchen scrubbing. - Heavy (200 ml per 1 Litres water) *FOR greasy area scrubbing. * Untuk pembersihan pelbagai jenis permukaan keras seperti lantai terazzo, mozek, PVC dan lantai vinil. * Dirumus khas sebagai agen pembersihan lantai * Lapkan lantai dengan larutan ini sehingga bersih. Pembiladan adalah tidak diperlukan.


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