GOODMAID PRO GMP 190G HL Green Fresh Apple Liquid Handsoap Wash 5 Litres

GOODMAID PRO GMP 190G HL Green Fresh 5L- Apple Liquid hand soap wash handsoap handwash 5 Litres

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Brand: Goodmaid

Last update: Jul 03, 2020

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GOODMAID PRO GMP 190G HL GREEN FRESH 5 Litres **Concentrated Pearlised Hand Soap HL GREEN FRESH is a concentrated lotionised hand soap, possessing excellent cleaning properties yet gentle to hands. Leaves hands clean, soft and a pleasant after-use fragrance. HOW TO USE : Wet hands, apply liberally and rub hands together to loosen soils, rinse hands with water. FUNCTIONS : - Concentrated lotionised hand soap does not contain abrasive solvents that effectively removes dirt gently, leaves hands sanitized and feels nourished. - Leaves hands with a nature fresh scent after use. - For use in liquid soap dispenser in offices, restaurants, hospitals, institutes, etc.



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