GOODMAID GMP 305 Multi Surface Quat Sanitizer 5 Litres

GOODMAID GMP 305 Quat Sanitizer- 5L 5 Litres- Multi Surface Quat Sanitiser

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Brand: Goodmaid

Last update: Jul 03, 2020

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 All products on our Listing are READY STOCK and will be ship out on the SAME DAY or NEXT DAY even during MCO. GOODMAID GMP 305 QUAT SANITIZER (MULTI-SURFACE QUAT SANITIZER) *305 QUAT SANITIZER is a liquid quaternary ammonium sanitizer. Ideal for deodorizing, disinfecting and effectively controls mold and odors. It is a free-rinsing quaternary sanitizer for food contact surfaces and sanitizing applications. DILUTION : - Deodorizing (8 ml per 1 Litres water) *Apply by spraying, mopping or sponging. - Disinfecting *Apply by spraying, mopping or sponging and leave it for 10 minutes. • FOR hard surfaces ~ walls, floors, woodwork, sink bathroom fixtures. (4 ml per 1 Litres water) • FOR porous surfaces ~ ceiling board, chopping block, pallets, etc. (8 ml per 1 Litres water) - Sanitizing *Rinse and leave it for 1 minute, then drain thoroughly and air dry. • For room temperature. (2 ml per 1 Litres water) • For elevated temperature (55°C) sanitizing. (1 ml per 1 Litres water) FUNCTIONS & FEATURES : - Used to disinfect food and non-food contact hard surfaces such as tables, countertops, cutting boards, walls equipment and floors. - For sanitization of equipment in food processing plant, restaurant, wall, equipment and floors etc. - To deodorize waste containers and inaccessible areas in food processing area. - Concentrated multi surface disinfectant which releases sanitizing compounds for safe, effective sanitizing and providing hygiene environment in kitchen area. Precaution : Prepared solution may not be reused for sanitizing but may be reused for other purpose such as cleaning.


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