Alsoft Pure Liquid Hand Sanitiser 500ml (1 Carton, 12 Bottles)

ALSOFT PURE [1 carton 12 bottles] Saraya Liquid Hand Sanitiser 500ml Alcohol Based sanitizer

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Brand: Alsoft

Last update: Sep 18, 2020

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And No FAKE products. As alot of people is asking whether Alsoft products we are selling is Authentic, we suspect that there is Fake products in the market. 
Please rest assure that our products are directly supplied by Saraya. 

Product is made in Malaysia under SARAYA (Japan company). As we know, Saraya is one of very limited company that provide sanitizer that meet Quality standard for Hospital surgical use.


Made in Malaysia (HQ from Japan, follow WHO Formulation)

*Alcohol-based, perfume free hand disinfectant. It contains 2-propanol for quick drying disinfection that leaves skin feeling clean and healthy. Dermatologically tested.


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