50PCS Plastic Lunch Box LB-16 with Lid 4 Compartments HIRO Sekat

50PCS PLASTIC LUNCH BOX LB-16 with Lid 4 Compartments HIRO Sekat Disposable Paper Recyclable biodegradable Microwavable

by Ants Pack Sdn Bhd. SKU 321355754

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Last update: Jul 03, 2020

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50PCS PLASTIC LUNCH BOX LB-16 WITH LID Good Quality Lunch Box keep your meal in good order and your appetite pleasant. Our innovative designs ensure that packaging is fit for purpose and it is easy to organize on the shelf while optimizing your storage space. It plays a vital role in marketing strategy. Attractive design with anti-fog feature enables customers to see your food clearly which make your products stand out amongst the rest and enhance your brand value further. - Anti Fogging Coating - Microwavable - Presentable - Food Grade Material. Colour: Black Material: LPN Microwavable Size: 236x190x34mm Made in Malaysia This material is excellent in oil resistance and has gloss and easy to print decorative patterns. It is also microwave safe. However, excessive heating may cause deformation of the container. The maximum usage temperature is approximately 100-110˚C depending on conditions. Do not place any freshly deep fried food directly on this material. Do not place this material near fire. Deformation of the container will not affect food and human health. Avoid using this material for storage of alcohols for a long period. Handle with care to avoid hurting your finger tip with the rim of the container.


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